What Are Effective Methods for Integrating Technology into Counseling Sessions?

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    What Are Effective Methods for Integrating Technology into Counseling Sessions?

    In the evolving landscape of mental health services, we've gathered insights from four professionals, including therapists and psychologists, on integrating technology into counseling sessions. From recording sessions and utilizing the Calm app to enhancing therapy with telehealth and Bluetooth, these experts share their experiences and recommendations for tools that have proven effective in their practice.

    • Record Sessions and Use Calm App
    • Integrate Tech for Accessible Care
    • Virtual Sessions and Mood Tracking Apps
    • Enhance Therapy with Telehealth and Bluetooth

    Record Sessions and Use Calm App

    I allow my clients, by request, to record our sessions via phone so they can listen to them later. This helps them integrate the information we covered throughout the week.

    Also, I recommend the app Calm, as I have found this app to be highly useful for anyone who wants to relax, tune in, and meditate. I also use YouTube to send my clients meditations or binaural beats for sleep, relaxation, self-esteem, etc. The list is endless, but these are my top three.

    Pam Bauerle
    Pam BauerleRelationship and Sex Therapist, LMFT, CSTIP, Couples Resource Collective

    Integrate Tech for Accessible Care

    As a fully virtual, multi-state, private practice therapist, technology integration is essential in my ability to provide the most accessible care to my clients. My main focus when deciding upon which systems to use centers around the client experience and simplicity of use. As such, a system that hosts clients' electronic health records as well as supports HIPAA-compliant and secure video sessions, accessible via phone, tablet, or computer, is necessary to meet clients where they are and lets them choose the device they are most comfortable using.

    I found the Jane app to be easy to use from the client end as well as from the clinician end, and the ability to customize services and branding for my practice was important. Clients have also reported enjoying using the Jane app and find it helpful that they are able to independently schedule/reschedule sessions as well as access their clinical records all in one system.

    Andrew Tessmer
    Andrew TessmerFounder, Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, Andrew Tessmer Counseling, PLLC

    Virtual Sessions and Mood Tracking Apps

    As a psychologist, I routinely incorporate technology into my therapeutic approach. One notable application of technology is the facilitation of virtual counseling sessions, providing a remote emulation of traditional in-person consultations. This approach is particularly beneficial for clients residing in rural areas or experiencing constraints related to mobility or scheduling. Various specialized applications are available to enable clients to longitudinally track their emotional states, moods, and experiences. The data derived from these platforms yields valuable insights for both therapists and clients. For instance, Moodfit is a no-cost application featuring self-care tools tailored to monitor mood fluctuations, mitigate anxiety, depression, and high stress levels, and enhance overall mental well-being.

    Dr. Jameca Woody Cooper
    Dr. Jameca Woody CooperBoard certified Counseling Psychologist and Criminal Psychology consultant, Emergence Psychological Services/Dr. Jameca/

    Enhance Therapy with Telehealth and Bluetooth

    At Grow Wellness Group Counseling, Therapy & Wellness in Naperville, IL, we strive to integrate technology wherever possible to both increase the efficiency of therapeutic interventions and client goal achievement. Among the tools we use, beyond tablet-based assessments and tabulation in real-time, are telehealth capabilities along with Bluetooth connectivity that can sync with parents in real-time during parenting counseling sessions with their child—in the client's actual home.

    This has given clinicians the capability to reach those in more rural areas, as well as work with client families within their actual home environments, where the dynamics are far different than in a counselor's office. Whether the client is near or far, they have the ability to receive real-time feedback via Bluetooth earbuds from an experienced parent, child, and family counselor. The impact of this work has been tremendous.

    Adam RatnerCo-Owner, Supervisor & Therapist, Grow Wellness Group